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Tired of remembering multiple usernames and passwords related to your social account, email account, personal account and others.
Do you want a safe and secure platform of storing all your passwords instead of writing them down on a sheet or notepad?
No4get password manager app is the best solution for you!

No4get stores and manages all your entered info in an encrypted way, so you have a protected storage of your entrance data and you just have to remember your master-password. This password manager app allows you to manage and keep track of your sensitive data, which are stored completely safe.
You can trust in No4Get 100% as it doesn't have any link and access to the online.
Note, the password supervisor is absolutely disconnected, so it has NO programmed adjust include, as a result of the missing web authorizations.

Important Features Take a look

  1. Safe and Secure storage and management of your account passwords, pins, access data, and so on.
  2. Categorize your entries in the No4Get
  3. Restore the encrypted database
  4. Customizability of user interface
  5. Easily deleting the platform details
  6. Own entry section can be defines
  7. Entry-fields can be utilized more than once
  8. Automatically logout after specific time.


Remember your app email login details and get access to all of yours! Its intuitive design helps you to manage your data effectively. Use categories to set up your entries, which make it too simple to arrange and to find explicit content.


Security is ensured by the utilized Advanced Encryption Standard. No idea regarding new strong password? Just create a new and protected one within the application.


Bored of standard UI settings? No4Get offers you many options to customize the UI to your needs

Info Sovereignty

There is no main reason to fear any information leak, hacked server data or comparative as the password manager is absolutely offline. You in any case have the chance to backup your data and restore them effectively. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you found any bug, have any feature or service requests, issues or something like that.